The Team

My name is Max Fries and I am a follower of Christ. I am also a college baseball player who wants to use my platform to help bring more of God’s kingdom into this world. Audience of One is a brand that looks to inspire Christian Athletes to play for the One in the stands that truly matters, Christ. Playing for the glory of God and the gifts that he has given you.

Meet Everybody

Noah Fisher

For me, playing for an Audience of One means that every time I step out onto  the baseball field, I am reminded why I get the opportunity to play the game that I love. God has brought me to where I am in life throughout all the ups and downs, and it is Him that I play for each and every day because I am forever grateful that He has made me not just the ball player, but the person I am today.

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Jack O’Dowd

Playing for an Audience of One is my foundation. It gives me purpose and identity in something further than just my performance on the field. It gives me the freedom to go play and know that no matter what happens I am just trying to honor Christ.

University of Texas

Nathan Lancianese

"Playing for Audience of one to me means I get to represent the one who means the most to me, the one who gave me the gifts to play the sport I love and spread his word everyday."

Longwood University

Carter Dierdorf

"The Audience of One really resonates with me because at the end of the day it’s just you and God. This mindset takes all the pressure of life off yourself and allows God to carry that weight for you like He did with the cross."

North Greenville University

Gunner Antillon

"Playing for an Audience of One means a lot to mean in my growing faith. I feel that it’s freeing knowing that I’m playing solely for God’s glory."

California Baptist University